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Spring Forward with

Clipart ID: #109350763 This weekend, in most of Canada, the United Sates and many other countries around the world, daylight savings will be observed. There have been many years of debates regarding the benefits, or lack of, for daylights savings. For me, just like Timmies "roll up the rim" this is another indication that spring is near but outside of that and it interrupting my sleep schedule, it doesn't really seem to matter either way for me. When DST was introduced, more daylight was a good thing because it meant less use of artificial light and helped to save energy.  Modern society, with computers, TV's and game systems uses much more energy now even with the extra natural light. Clipart ID: #20522829 Changing the time, even if it is only by 1 hour, disrupts our body clocks or circadian rhythm. For most people, the resulting tiredness is simply an inconvenience. For some, however, the time change can have more serious consequences.  It can b

Content Management For Non-Designers

Not only is it important that your content reads well, but you also want it to look great! You don’t have to be an amazing graphic designer to create great blogs, social media content or presentations. You also don't have to hire a graphic designer to create all of your content.   Visual content is important to blogs, social media and presentations.  Clipart ID: #1355396 The picture superiority effect refers to the phenomenon in which pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words Your audiences time is limited. Images are often shared 50% more than content that is very wordy. You want to grab their attention and get them to share and like what you are putting out there. Stock Photo ID: #328340 I'm always encouraging people to save time and money by using high quality images and graphics from stock image providers like and that you can just alter slightly to accomplish your personal needs.   You will