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Understanding User Rights For Stock Images

Illustration ID: #290481 Stock images can be used in anything from commercial advertising, blogging, product creation or social media but make sure you understand your rights to an image before you use it. Before you jump in and use "free stock images" make sure that you are not setting yourself up for a lawsuit. There are many stock image sites out there that are redistributing stock images illegally, often still with the watermark of the company that does have the right to distribute them. Once you find a reputable company like Vital Imagery Ltd . the next step is to determine if a standard license or an extended license is what you need. Suppose you have a small business and one of your employees handles all of your advertising. That employee gets a license to an image through a standard single user subscription, or individual image purchase, and creates an advert - you are in compliance. A standard license only allows for one user to create and edit. Here i