Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Boring Is So.....Boring

Let's Talk About Lettering. 

You can find lettering to cover all your needs at any of the Vital Imagery Ltd sites. Choose from downloadable fonts or vector images to animated graphics for all your projects.

One of my recent favourites is this bohemian hippy floral alphabet set:

You can find the whole set here: Floral Alphabet Set

You can find this cute and fun alphabet set that would be great in any classroom or home. Print them large or on flashcards to practice with your little ones.

You can find the whole set here at
Alphabet Childrens Font

Browse a large selection of animated alphabet letters in our graphics library at Animation Factory. Choose from thousands of alphabet graphics, including bouncing, seasonal, and cultural alphabets. We even have flipping alphabet letters that add a unique flair to any project and are sure to get people’s attention. Our animated alphabet letters are the perfect addition to any website or presentation.

For fonts suitable for print, you'll want to make sure the font you use can be easily read in both print and on screen. It's time to move away from the over used Helvetica font.
You can choose by category or holiday for your downloadable fonts at
Check them out here:

The right font can make a huge difference. Don't just think about downloadable fonts. Vector lettering or whole words can be useful and Vital Imagery Ltd sites have thousands of different styles ready to use.

It really depends on what your project is. Be creative, try new things and once in awhile check out what everyone else is doing to get fresh ideas and see what's popular.

Life is good with Pizza Font :-)
Illustration ID: #1761458

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

It's Never Been Easier!

Stock Photo ID: #1041128
It has been said a “picture is worth a thousand words”. A picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, many written words.

So don't use a thousand words when stock images are available for all budgets.

When using images personally, or especially in business, to help convey a message that words sometimes fail to, it is important to use quality images.

Whether it’s with playful Emoji's or static images that help communicate with a visual element to your message it is clear that images play an important role in today's social media, marketing, advertising, and e-commerce. Your customer will scan through pages of information but if your image is eye-catching, there is more chance of them stopping and investing time on what you have to say or offer.

Illustration ID: #1768968
If you asked me what I wanted to do tonight, and all I sent was this emoji image, I think my response would be clear :-)

Stock Photo ID: #1606214

Photos or images, when used well, can really show emotion. Sometimes less is more and we can say all we need to with great images and a few words.


“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama

The caption and the image provide much more feeling and emotion than either would alone.

Some key points:

It is important to use a great headline and an interesting image to stop surfers in their tracks.

Social media runs on images.

Well chosen images can make the difference between a boring presentation and one that will be remembered.

Don't risk using poor quality images or images you've "borrowed" from online. Make sure you have the rights to use an image by subscribing to high quality images at a stock image provider.

Visit Vital Imagery Ltd to find the right stock image site for you.