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What's on your Marketing Calendars?

A content marketing calendar is exactly what it sounds like: A content plan that covers your marketing activities for an entire month or year. Clipart ID: #1030514 Content marketing is not something you should take care of on-the-go. It is best to organize your content in the form of calendar. Perhaps you own a small pizza shop and it’s September 5th, just another day, right? You think about posting some images on Instagram that offer a special price on your pepperoni pizzas. Great, right? Not really, because September 5th is National Pizza Day and you didn’t realize until the day was almost over. If you plan out your month or year in advance with a Marketing calendar, you won’t miss out on those amazing marketing opportunities. I like to include popular #hashtags that can be used within the month, wherever space allows on my calendar. May Monthly Content Marketing Calendar     1 #Glob