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Celebrating Dad

Image ID #774119 What most parents want is to know that all their hard word is seen and appreciated. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a great dad in their life but if you are Father's Day is a great time to remind him of how much he means to you. Here is a list of funny captions to let dad know how much you care and recognize all that he does: ID# 1801506 You're the best father I've ever had. I feel bad for other people today. Obviously my dad is the best. Dad, thanks for killing all the spiders. Happy Father's Day, Dad. You were right -- about everything.  I can never repay you. Literally. Without me, today would be just another day. You're welcome! Dad, you're the cool parent. But I'll deny it if you tell mom. You might have the worst jokes, but you're the best dad. ID # 644895 Not all heroes wear capes. Mine wears cargo shorts. Thanks for putting up with me, Dad! We all know