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Back-To-School For Teachers and Educators

#1774541 Are you ready for back to school? Many get ready for school 3 weeks to a month before school begins. We want to make sure our children have all the tools they need to have a great school year. The usual items on the back-to-school check-list are books, binders, pencils, etc but have you ever considered how useful a subscription to iCLIPART for schools would be? Teachers and educators consider what a useful tool a subscription to for schools would be for you, your students and your school. iCLIPART For Schools Benefits to a subscription: Worry-free viewing for students - Students can search our database without worry of what type of images are being viewed. We have all the downloads you need - photos, clipart, fonts, sounds, video and more. We have a huge selection of educational themed images and worksheets.  Many teachers use our website to source copyright-safe images for their worksheets, presentations and handouts at school.