Thursday, October 17, 2019

Halloween Images and Ideas

Look no further! All the images you need for Halloween. Animations, cut-ready vector images and photographs to help complete your marketing, decorating, craft projects, gift ideas and more.

Check out these amazing Halloween Alphabet Vectors: Click here to see more


Halloween Banners, Posters, Place Cards, and more: Click here to see more


Make the perfect gift with cut-ready images, vectors and customizable images: Click here to see more

Keep the kids busy with Halloween Coloring Images: Click here to see more

 If the image has "color this image online" below it, you can click on that to open our image coloring tool and the kids can color the image on their device and you won't have to worry about their crayons or markers or you can print and color. (subscribers only)

Use the online coloring tool: Click here to try it

Check out these links for more Halloween ideas: Animation, Photography, and Clipart

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Time Management

As humans we are pre-wired to focus on things that need our immediate attention, like alerts on our phones and we ignore more important things or put them off. We need to train ourselves to focus on what is important and suppress urgency.

Here is a list of things that will help you master your time:

1. Have you ever heard of the term, less is more?
Limit your tasks for the day to 1-3 important things and focus on them. Your brain won't like this and other's probably won't either but you will have more time to complete the important things. What is the single most important (not urgent) thing you could do today? Do that.

2. Schedule your priorities.
Treat your priorities like an important flight that you have to catch. Nothing will stop you from getting there on time. We tend to put things off and think we will eventually get to it.

3. Turn off notifications.
Stop allowing these time consuming distractions. We get alerts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and emails all day long and they are a huge distraction. Turn them off until your break or lunch so that you can focus on your important things.

4. Say No.
For most of us, it is a natural reaction to say yes when someone asks us to do something but in order to focus on the important things we have to learn to say no sometimes and stay focussed. Politely explain your priorities and the consequences of taking on additional work.

5. Get to know your body's energy cycle.
Are you a morning person? or slow to get started? Plan your daily tasks to work with your body's energy cycle and plan to get the most of your work done during your peak time.

Time management isn't just about work, we have to remember that we need a good work-life balance to stay healthy and happy. We need time to relax and socialize.

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