Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Marketing Content Ideas for December

“December's wintry breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer's memory” - John Geddes 

Decorate your social media pages: You decorate your tree, your house, and even your pets! You should also decorate your social media profiles for the season with festive graphics.

Let your business pages get personal: Do you have a favorite holiday memory that inspired you to open your business? What about a family recipe or tradition? You can have a day where the staff dress up (Santa hat’s or ugly Christmas sweaters) and share the images on your social media pages.

Add a personal touch: Create personalized cards or e-cards and send them out to customers, important business connections and local businesses.

Click on the Special Dates and events for images that can 
be used for marketing and social media content:

December 2: Cyber Monday
December 2: Special Education Day
December 4: Santa's List Day
December 4: Cookie Day
December 5: Ninja Day
December 6: Give a Secret Gift Day
December 7: Letter Writing Day
December 8: Brownie Day
December 10: Human Rights Day
December 12: Poinsettia Day
December 19: Build a Snowman Day
December 20: Games Day
December 20: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
December 21: (approximate) Winter Solstice
December 24: Christmas Eve
December 25: Christmas Day
December 26: Boxing Day
December 27: Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day
December 30: Take a Walk Day.
December 30: Bacon Day
December 31: New Year's Eve

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Publishing a Book - Photographs and Illustrations

Have you ever thought about publishing a book? You've got your story/idea but now you need images to complete your book and something really eye catching for your cover photo. Whether you want to design the cover yourself or hire someone (who will probably use stock images anyhow) to design it for you. Why not save time and money by finding a great image from the team of talented creators that have probably already designed the perfect image at has millions of great royalty-free, copy-write safe images you can use to complete your projects. Click the links below to find your perfect images:

Comic Book Images


Children's Book Images


Cook Book Illustrations/Photos


Business Themed Images


Play around with different keywords to find images more specific to your projects. You can also contact to assist with your needs.

Know your rights when it comes to using stock images. Make sure you have the correct license for what you are using the images for. When in doubt contact the image provider and get specific on how the image will be used, how many cumulative copies of images you will need and if the print will be in advance of sales or print-on-demand.