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Free Social Media Content Calendar - January 2020

Stop scrambling for social media content. Vital Imagery is dedicated to making your content marketing the best it can be. Each month we will be preparing a social media content calendar to help with your social media posts and marketing. You will have access to a calendar filled with special dates, holidays, #hashtags and links to images that would be great to use with all your social media platforms.  January is creativity month, so lets start creating great social media content!   January is all about the start of the new year, winter sales and goals to be more organized and productive.  Check out these images we've put together in a basket for inspiration for your social media posts. Follow these hashtags for images to use during the month of January: #soupmonth #drinkingstrawday #nationalspaghettiday #milkday #epihany #martinlutherkingjr #appreciateadragon #hotchocolateday #dayofeducation #popcornday #birdday #pieday   To