April 21st is World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Creativity and innovation are beneficial in every career and in all walks of life. Whether you're finding ways to improve your customer’s experience or a scientist who’s every work day is filled with learning new things about the world and finding new ways to improve them. World Creativity and Innovation Day encourages everyone to imagine a different world with different solutions.

Vital Imagery has put together a list of resources that you can use to help inspire you:
Join Summer Scharringhausen, Education Program Manager, for free online art workshops. For more information visit: https://www.southshoreartsonline.org/#/online-art-workshops/

Free art lessons with Aaron Blaise

If you want to learn how to draw, you'll be hard pushed to find a better teacher than legendary Aaron Blaise. The former Disney artist has today announced he will be publishing his lessons either for free or at a huge discount. Home schooling suddenly never looked so good.

Quarantine Art Club

Award-winning American children's book illustrator and artist Carson Ellis has set up her very own Quarantine Art Club for adults and kids alike.

Glasgow-based illustrator Claudine O'Sullivan is offering a free PDF of seven different illustrators (six animals and one cityscape) which can either be printed and coloured, or used as a template for digital illustration. "Drawing has always been an incredibly calming escape for me," says O'Sullivan, "and I believe it can provide the same for others." Check out Colour for Calm here: https://www.claudineosullivan.com/shop/colour-for-calm

Squidoodle's Free Colouring Sheets

UK-based illustrator Steve Turner (better known as Squidoodle) is offering several free colouring templates on his website, including two designed specifically for the current situation. 


Is offering free colouring pages for mom until may 10th, 2020

How about a little reading to help inspire or pass the time:


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