Tips for Searching For Stock Images

Sometimes finding the perfect image on a stock imaging site can be a challenge. These tips will help reduce the time spent looking for images.

Finding Images:

When entering your keywords, remember that it is best to use simple keywords not sentences. For example: "ball blue dog" is better than " dog running down the street with a blue ball". Also, try many different keywords that might represent the same thing. For example: heart or love and idea or lightbulb.

When To Be Specific With Your Search Keywords:

I usually recommend using just one or two keywords but if your search results are bringing up thousands of images. You can reduce this by adding more keywords. For example: you need an image that portrays people in an office and if you just use the keywords " office people " you will get thousands of images in your results but if you add a couple more keywords in it will reduce the amount of images found, "office people meeting table", saving you lots of time finding the perfect image.

Finding Keywords To Use:

If you come across an image that is similar to what you are looking for, have a look at the keywords that were used for that image and use one or a couple to help find your image. For example when looking for something related to "coronavirus" There can be many different keywords that an artist might use. Some might use them all or some might use just one or two. As an added convenience, you can just click on one of the keywords and it will take you to that search.

When to Exclude Keywords:

It is important to use the "exclude keyword" feature to reduce the number of images found that do not relate to what you are looking for. For example: you need a tree to fit into a logo, but you definitely do not what a Christmas tree. This would be a good time to include "Christmas" in your exclude keywords. Just click on the "advanced" button beside the search bar and you will find the "exclude keywords" area on

Using the Advanced Search Feature:

When you click on the "Advanced" button beside the search bar at, you will open up a great feature that can help you:

  • Change the amount of images in your search results
  • Set to "match all keywords" or match any keywords"
  • Select "all files" or images from the last "30, 60, or 90" days.
  • Select square, landscape or portrait orientations
  • Choose between colour, black and white or file types.
All this will help reduce your search times by helping find exactly what you need.

Newly Added Images:

If you're looking for something fresh and new, be sure to click on the "New Clipart" and "New Photos" for recently added content.

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These are free to use for commercial purposes or any charges we have to pay?

Digital Originality
Pootlecat said…
The images on our website are actually "royalty-free" and not "free". What this means is that once you have purchased a subscription you do not need to pay any additional royalties to use the images. The artists will also receive a commission on their work.

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