Communicating with your Customers During a Crisis -

Has your business changed due to Covid-19? Have your hours of operation changed? Are your employees working from home?
It is even more important in 2020 to be sure the lines of communication are open between you and your customers.

Communicating with your customers:
  • Accuracy of information is important.
  • Be proactive in your communications.
  • Keep customers updated through different platforms about changes to your business (email, social media, newsletter, blog etc)
  • Have patience during these unfamiliar times
  • Inspire your audience. If your business is in a position to help others, do so by offering  information about where donations are needed or donate products, time or money.
  • Make sure customers can contact you easily  through different methods and depending on your customer, they will have a preferred method of communication. (Phone, email, instant chat service through your website, or through social media accounts).
Images for your newsletters, blogs and other methods of communication can be found at:


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