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Colour in Advertising

Carefully selecting the appropriate colour can send out a powerful message to the viewer before they have even had time to read what the advertisement is promoting. Yellow: Youthful, optimistic and full of energy. Often used to grab the attention of window shoppers. Great for use in promoting children's activities. Brighten up with more YELLOW designs. Source: Black: Powerful and sleek. Often used to market luxury products. If you want to portray yourself as trustworthy and serious, non-colours like black, whites and greys will help to do this. Here are some more images with a sleek BLACK look. Pink: Romantic and feminine. Often used to promote products for women and girls.  Strong, darker pinks have the potential to hold their own against other traditionally non-corporate colours such as yellow, orange and purple. Here are some more pretty in PINK images. Red: Creates a sense of urgency. Often seen with clearance signs. Red is associated with