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Resources for Teaching Online

There is currently a lot of uncertainty about how teachers will continue to teach our children while quarantined. Many schools already use products such as Google Classroom , Brightspace from D2L or Blackboard Learn but these are just a few examples of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) currently available.  If you and your students have  access   to the internet you can also try using Google Hangouts , Zoom and Skype  for live discussions and video lessons. Vital Imagery specializes in curating over 8 million child-friendly, educational clipart images, photos , worksheets and more through our iCLIPART for Schools website. Use our images to create your own educational materials, presentations and digital communications. Grant access to your students so they can download images to use in their lessons, projects and crafts. By using a source like ours you can ensure that children are not downloading illegal and inappropriate images, not to mention protecting their compute