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Downloadable Fonts -

                      If you are a designer, craft maker or simply enjoy creating special messages with creative typeface you will love what has to offer with their subscriptions. Wonderfully decorative, modern, handwriting, script and vintage styles are available to download in quick and easy .zip files. Most fonts come in TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf), or PC bitmap fonts (.fon) formats. Windows users can use all three formats. Mac computers use Truetype and Opentype only.  On Macs, double-click on the zipped file to un-compress it. In Windows, right-click the zipped file and select Extract All in the contextual menu that appears.   Having the font file on your hard drive is only part of the installation process. Making the font available to your software programs requires a few extra steps. If you use a font manager, it may have an installation option you can use. Otherwise, follow these instructions:   How to Install Fonts on a Mac: When you click the Dow