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The Best of 2020 -

  Here are some of our most popular images of 2020.  It's not hard to see why they were so popular:     2020 was a year like we have never experienced before, with mask wearing becoming the new normal and our contributors stepped up to the plate to provide images that portrayed this new environment.    Source: Source:  In 2020, many of us could only dream about the vacations we could be taking and these images provided a great visual escape. With space to add a quote, these images made for great social media content. Source: Source:     Source:   2020 made holiday celebrations difficult. Parades, social gatherings and holiday events were often cancelled or postponed.

Getting Creative for Valentine's Day

For our second Cricut project we decided to see if we could create a layered design from card stock for Valentine's Day. We chose image #1800685 from for our basic design. Because the image has extra layers to simulate shadows and shading we first removed those in Adobe Illustrator. We also removed the floating hearts because once they were cut out of the card there would be nothing to keep them in place. The cupid's wings were also joined together to make them easier to cut. The final design was uploaded to Design Space and resized to fit the size we wanted to cut out. Design Space cut each layer out separately and then we carefully removed the pieces from our mat. We are very happy with the final result! It is perfect for a Valentine's Day card or could even be added into a frame to create a picture or even a light box! has a huge selection of images for all your Valentine's Day crafts!  We have also curated a special basket of images that