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Tips For Finding Stock Images -

 Sometimes finding the perfect image on a stock imaging site can be a challenge. These tips will help reduce the time spent looking for images. Finding Images: When entering your keywords, remember that it is best to use simple keywords not sentences. For example: "ball blue dog" is better than " dog running down the street with a blue ball". Also, try many different keywords that might represent the same thing. For example: heart or love and idea or light-bulb. When To Be Specific With Your Search Keywords: I usually recommend using just one or two keywords but if your search results are bringing up thousands of images. You can reduce this by adding more keywords. For example: you need an image that portrays people in an office and if you just use the keywords " office people " you will get thousands of images in your results but if you add a couple more keywords in it will reduce the amount of images found, "office people meeting